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Client: DirecTech
Services: Web Design, UI Design, App Design

When you're ready to upgrade that furnace or get the car repaired, your phone book is still one of the most accurate and highly-curated sources of local information. Surfyellow is a new service from your local telephone directory which does one thing...let you quickly and easily target your search to only your community. Surfyellow turns your local directory into a searchable database.

The old site

The original surfyellow site fulfilled only the basic function of serving up residential and business listings. The experience was simple, basic and offered little in the way of an immersive experience. Users were not encouraged to discover any new information and repeat visitors on the site was extremely low.


Listing Page

Profile Page

The Challenge

The goal for the redesign was to create an entirely new user experience encouraging greater engagement on the site and rebuild the search from the ground up making discovery more relevant.

Our primary objectives for the redesign where:

  1. Create new user experience and for site and new companion apps
  2. Make searching the site more intuitive
  3. Better implement paid listings
  4. Allow users to know which directory they were searching and allow search among multiple directories


Search on the original site was problematic and the results where not always the most relevant to users. Once a town was selected for search, only a single default directory would be queried for listings. On it’s face this seemed like an adequate solution and if towns where separated by large distances this would have worked fine. However the reality was;

  • Directory areas where typically very close together and often overlapped
  • Due to how search was constructed, towns would only be included in one directory and users correct directory would not be selected
  • In a printed directory there was an additional category of town called ‘Extended Area Search’ (EAS) towns. These are towns that were not fully represented in the white and yellow pages, but businesses in nearby towns could opt into listing themselves in that directory’s yellow pages. However on the site, these EAS towns where not listed at all and therefore would not show up in search
Old Site Search

The old site was able to search only a single directory at a time leaving out other relevant results.

New Site Search

The redesigned site searches multiple directories at once. When a town is chosen it looks at several factors; the geographical center of the directory area, which directories are within 50 miles of that directory and if any of the EAS towns included in the default directory are also included in other directories. The results of the search prioritize the default directory and then offer to the user other ‘related’ directories that the user may relevant to their search.

The Redesign

The redesigned site featured an updated UI. This update needed to eliminate any elements that we either unnecessary or less relevant and a new emphasis on the parts of the user experience that mattered most.