A Good Cover Story

Hanson Telephone Directory

Client: DirecTech
Team: Shawn Walker, Designer
Areas: Branding, Editorial

The front cover is where a print product makes it's first impression on a consumer and it's the most important piece of branding for a publisher. For a premium product like Hanson Directories, the cover had to convey a high level of quality as well as distinguish itself from it's competitors.

The Old Cover Design

The old cover design was very basic and detached from any company branding. Important information was under-emphasized and less relevant information was over-emphasized. But importantly this basic design was not in line with the exceptional quality of information that was inside the book.

Old Cover Design

It's all about the map

The Redesign

The new cover design is cleaner, brought into line with updated company branding and gives a refreshed look. This design had to work for 20 different directories, which all had different information. This new design helped distinguish Hanson from their competitors and hit a quality level that matched the quality of the highly curated information inside.